Gernot from Vienna / Austria was searching for his Avantime in five European countries until he finally found the right one - well, not entirely the right one, as you will learn below.

He wasn't very pleased with the usual bright leather which is common with almost every dark coloured Avantime.

He didn't give up until he found one with the grey/silver Pack Exception 2, which indeed is one of the most beautiful interior designs ever implemented in any car.
So, when he did find his favourite interior design - the first goal was accomplished:

However, as if it was not difficult enough, the Avantime's appearance wouldn't be elegant in every colour:
He wanted his Avantime to be BLACK.

Black (Noir Nacré Doré) once was in the sales broshures, some very few of those even may be owned by someone. For some reason Renault stopped the production of this colour at an quite early stage of the Avantimes short production period . Consequently they are very hard to find, and possibly none exist with the "Pack Exeption2" interior

The only way out of this situation: PAINT IT BLACK!f

Gernot didn't even see his Avantime when he ordered it.
The car was located at a dealer's garage far away from his home. But obviously he was confident that he was doing the right thing.

Take a last look at the Bleu Méthyl - from now on shine and brilliance will be the past for a while.und .

Gernot's choice is a 2.0T. He didn't care too much about which engine will be in his coupéspace - but not even the turbo engine is a standard one: 30 additional horses were added to the orignal 165 HP. After this tuning the 2.0T might even be capable of taking on some V6 drivers - if they ever would meet, for instance on German highways :)
Did you ever see your Avantime like that?
Or did you see it like this before? (Remember this image well: something will be missing a few pictures ahead when reassembly has been done.
The 1.4 meter wide doors have been removed on each side.
Or did you see your Avantime like this before? (Remember: something very common will be missing a few pics ahead!)
It's black! The reassembly of the doors. But they don't dare to close them yet :)
At the front still there's a lot to do.
Now think back! What is missing in this picture?
Congratulations! Gernot owns one of the rare black Avantimes...
...and certainly the only one with an unvisible exhaust system!

Good luck Gernot, and have a safe ride!