I. International Belgian AVANTIME-Meeting

September 15-16, 2007 - Brussels and Antwerp,

Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands

photos by Holger Schulzen

Saturday morning: Meeting-Spot "Parc du Cinquantenaire" downtown Brussels.
Yellow pace-car will be guiding us through the entire meeting.
Avantimes in front of "Autoworld Brussels"
Line-up at Renault Hanswijk in Mechelen
From top of the roof...
... you can see all of them...
... or some blue diversity.
Drinks and Snacks offered by Renault Hanswijk
Heading to a brickery in Boom
Intermezzo: Avantime-reporter shooting the kidnapping of a bride
Avantime parking in the Boom brickery
Guided tour
Our hotel Dennenhof - comfortable rooms, each with balcony which is offering us
a truly relaxing view. If day ...
... or night.
Dining, talking, laughing. - Avantime-friends from Estonia, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland..
Sunday morning sun.
Get prepared for the...
... photosession.
Avantimes in front of the skyline of Antwerp.
What a view upon the old city of Antwerp! (from Frederik Vaneedenplein)
Perfect organisation.management - considering simply any detail!
Waving Matranians
Downtown Antwerp.
Introduction for the sightseeing of Antwerp.
Adriaensen-clan guided sightseeing tour of Antwerp. In several languages:
English, French, German, Dutch,..
Driving to the Antwerp harbours - second largest in Europe!
Harbour atmosphere hosted by Classic Renault Club Antwerp
Renault classic cars opposite to future classic cars of Renault, pardon, of Matra!
Antwerp Classic Renault Club giving us drinks and a very special scenery
They were even prepared for any emptiness.
Our Estonians are the first ones to say good-bye. Have a safe ride on your long journey!

Many many thanks to the Andriaensen-family for this outstanding meeting!