III. International Slovenian AVANTIME-Meeting

"AVI 07"

May 31, 2008 - Ljubljana - Rodik - Portorož,

Austria, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, United Kingdom

photos by Jani Grbac

Saturday morning: Meeting spot and a small breakfast at Renault Malgaj in Ljubljana.
View from inside Renault Malgaj
Line-up at Renault Malgaj
Stop in Rodik for lunch
Delicious lunch sponsored by Renault Malgaj
Avantime advertising in Portoroz
Line-up at the seaside
Looking from inside the coupéspace to outside coupéspaces
Jani organized for us a very special photo spot...
Sunday morning: circular line-up before leaving to the salines
Visiting the salines
Time to say good bye - thank you, Jani, for that wonderful meeting!