AVANTIME TECHNIC - High Performance Brakes

Hello dear Avantime-owners! Jani, one of our Avantimers from Slovenia asked me to inform you about his experience with the High Performance Brakes on his Avantime. Avantime drivers who like to go a little faster than usual might have experienced the poor quality of the original brakes. Perhaps this is of interest for you!

Jani Grbac, Ljubljana, Slovenia wrote:

"I am a long-time Avantime fan and a proud owner of a 3.0 Privilège in noir nocturne.
I have been very satisfied with my Avantime from the very beginning but I have had problems with the performance of the brakes. Renault  service didn't really help me finding better performing brakes. They just have been changing the original Avi brakes instead - but no improvement in sight.

 However, I wasn't satisfied because this was nothing like a permanent solution for the future.
I wanted to get rid of vibrations, noises and blue stained discs after a short period of use.

So I started to investigate. After one year searching and testing I finally found a company in Australia who were able to supply me with High Performance Brakes especially designed for the Avantime. This is the only company willing to produce brake discs in small numbers as required for the Avantime!

In September 2005 I received the first sample set of such High Performance Brakes. After having tested these brakes for six months in all conditions the result is:  excellent !

The brakes offer high speed stability, astounding stopping performance and have been giving me me a true feeling of safety.  No noises, no shaking in the steering wheel, no blue stains on the discs! Meanwhile I have supplied a couple of Avantime owners with these High Performance Brakes and all of them are the same happy and satisfied as I am.

It is my pleasure to inform you that these High Performance Brakes are EU-certified and avaiable for you here in Europe. If you are interested and want more information don't hesitate to contact me.

Bon voyage !

Yours Avantimer  Jani"

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