Here you can register your Avantime or you can become a member of the AVANTIME Club. This option is open to all Renault AVANTIME owners and friends. The AVANTIME Club was founded by a group of Renault AVANTIME enthusiasts from across Europe and the club itself is a member of the D'ARC (Deutscher Alpine & Renault Club). Through this partnership the club is receiving support and information by Renault.

The French AVANTIME-club site. AVANTIME history, technical descriptions, photo-gallery, French spoken forum. You may display photos of your AVANTIME and become member of Amicale Avantime.
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MTK racing & tuning
Annette Terzan's site of the RENAULT-SPACE-CAR-CLUB is a "virtuell" joining together of Twingo-/Kangoo-/Scenic- /Espace- and AVANTIME fans all over the world. The club is a member of the D'ARC, too. Check especially the sections "spacecar of the month" and the english spoken AVANTIME forum.

must see:
Lennart Sorth's interesting Matra site is a must for all who want to learn about the Avantime's ancestors, facts & history.
Visit the special HISTORY section and the AVANTIME section!
An English spoken forum just has been launched.
Dave's great & infomative Avantime site.

- Avantime History
- Large register of Dutch Avantimes
- Reports of Avantime Meetings
- Photo-gallery
- Avantime Forum

Carfinder international is managed by Per-Håkan Grolander. He helps Swedish car enthusiasts to find and import their dreamt car. Ckicking this link you can see the perhaps only AVANTIME ever imported to Sweden.
Frans' Renault databease is a well and beautyfully structured site where you can inform yourself about all the Renault models of the history, the presence and the future (concept cars). This site is quite new but it has been growing rapidly.
frans' renault database
"MATRA et ses défis automobiles"

André Dewael has created a fairly complete Matra site which offers a lot of information about Matras' model-, racing- and engines-history.
A wonderful and well structured Matra Club-Site.

Information around all the the Matra-range, (exept Avantime and Espace) :)
Though Avantimers might enjoy to read and see about the ancestors of their coupéspace.
Tony's Swiss Renault Page contains pictures and information of his Avantime, Dauphine and Caravelle.

Take a look at his growing exhibition of Renault miniatures!

Tony's Renault page